EcoSoya Soy Wax candle waxes, produced by Nature's Gifts International, LLC NGI are made with 100% pure soy wax.

About EcoSoya®

  • Make soy candles without adding paraffin
  • Made with pure, 100% natural soybean oil
  • Longer, cooler and cleaner burning without soot buildup
  • Made in the USA
  • Biodegradable and free from pesticides and herbicides
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  Why Choose EcoSoya®?

  • EcoSoya® soy waxes are formulated specifically for candles.
  • Superior performance, less hassle.
  • EcoSoya® soy waxes are compatible with numerous essential oils, fragrances, and dyes.
  • Container candles? Pillars? Votives? Massage Candles?  There is an EcoSoya® product for all types of applications.



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