About NGI

We’re celebrating 13 years of product excellence!

NGI began as a research and development firm and has become the # 1 company for soy candle wax. We produce the only soy wax designed specifically for candle making.  We offer you over 50 years of combined candle expertise with unparalleled technical and research and development support. We have refined our process and provide assistance to many candle developers, ranging from amateurs to experts.


We see a world where people are a guardian of the earth.  Our actions and high quality products are in consideration, appreciation and respect for the environment and people who are a part of it.  We work together as a team with our customers, employees, vendors and associates to accomplish mutual goals while connecting people with nature.  All our products benefit both people and the environment.

Our mission is to develop, sell and distribute better waxes from renewable resources than are otherwise available.