Why Soy?

Our wax is made using soy beans from U.S. farms only!  When you use EcoSoya®, you are supporting countless farmers across the country.

There are many benefits to using EcoSoya® as a candle wax instead of traditional waxes, such as beeswax, paraffin wax and palm wax. Our wax is:

Kosher Certified
All EcoSoya® soy wax is Kosher Certified, proving our commitment to providing safe and healthy products.

Does Not Stain

EcoSoya® soy wax does not stain, so you don’t have to worry about ruining clothing, furniture or other items.

Burns Cooler

Avoid wax burns knowing that EcoSoya® soy wax burns at a cooler temperature.

Safe for Children

EcoSoya® soy wax is non-toxic and burns at a cooler temperature for worry-free use around children.

Great for "Scenterior" Decorating
The consistency of EcoSoya® soy wax allows for candles with a stronger scent and a purer scent throw. This creates great candles with the desired scent for any environment.

Many people are searching for green products to replace more traditional ones that are unfriendly towards the environment. By using soy wax candles you are choosing to support the environment. Feel great while still enjoying the ambiance you are accustomed to.

Soy is a resource that can be replaced at a rate comparable or faster to the rate of consumption. 

Soy is continually producible without damaging the ecosystem.

Every pound of soy wax sold enhances the strength of the US agriculture sector and supports the American farmer.


"Creating and following practices that are self-sustaining with a top concern on taking environmental and social responsibility for all aspects of developing our products."