Fragrance Program

In a continued effort to better serve you, we have worked with numerous fragrance manufacturers to develop a list of fragrances that have excellent performance in our EcoSoya® soy waxes. These fragrances have been laboratory tested by both the manufacturer and NGI for use in the corresponding wax.

How to Use the Program

The fragrance program is designed as a guideline for the candle manufacturer, not as a definite list. Check the manufacturers' list to view their recommended fragrances. Test the fragrance directly or contact the manufacturer to design a new scent that is compatible with the EcoSoya® soy wax being used. The manufacturer will use the chemistry from the referenced fragrance as a guideline to make the desired scent. This system ensures the best performance of the fragrance/wax combination.

Click the manufacturers below to view their fragrances.  This list is a starting point for testing, to achieve the best results, consult your frangrance manufacturer for soy specific fragrances.

Alpine Aromatics

Agilex Flavors & Fragrances inc.

Bell Flavors & Fragrances, Inc.

Charabot & Company, Inc.

Chemia Corporation

Cosmo International Fragrances

Creative Concepts

Creative Fragrances Ltd.

Fleurin Fragrances, Inc.

Intarome Fragrance & Flavor Corp.

J. & E. Sozie, Inc.

The Lebermuth Company, Inc.

Orchidia Fragrances

Oriental Aromatics, Inc.

Symrise Inc.

Trilogy Fragrances Inc.

Ungerer & Company