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Fleurin Fragrances, Inc.
1111 E. Putnam Ave.
Greenwich, CT 06878 USA
Name ID PB CB-135 CB-Advanced CB-XceL
Cinnamon 077323
Applies & Spice 077324
Gardenia 077325
Pumpkin Spice 077326
Ocean Fresh 077327
Home Pine 077328
French Vanilla 077329    
Intarome Fragrance & Flavor Corp.
370 Chestnut St.
Norwoord, NJ 07648 USA
Name ID PB CB-135 CB-Advanced CB-XceL
Creamberry Mango Smoothie F-118520
Fig & Apricot G-118521
Brownie Caramel Drizzle F-118522
Pomegranate Cranberry Sangria F-118523
Pumpkin Caramel Creme Brulee F-118524
Blood Orange & Star Anise F-118525
Snow & Cedar F-118526    
Buttered Rum & Maple F-118527
Frosted Snowdrop F-118528
J. & E. Sozie, Inc.
19 Progress Street
Edison, NJ 08820 USA
Name ID PB CB-135 CB-Advanced CB-XceL
Hinoki & Bonzai SZ 17075
Serenity Springs SZ 17082    
Falling Leaves SZ 18978
Bamboo & Hibiscus SZ 17929    
Guava & Mango SZ 17568    
Passion Fruits SZ 17940    
Green Tea SZ 17191
White Denims SZ 18107
Cactus Blossoms SZ 18154
Creme Brulee SZ 18464
White Tea & Rose Leaves SZ 18980
Sunday Brunch SZ 17102
Symrise Inc. 
10422 W. gulf Bank Rd.
Houston, TX 77040 USA
Name ID PB CB-135 CB-Advanced CB-XceL
Brown Sugar Soyessence JO7494    
Grapefruit Cassis Soyessence JO7495    
Vanilla Bourbon Soyessence JO7496    
Candied Pear Soyessence JO7498    
Spiced Orange Soyessence JO7499    
Jasmine Soyessence JO7501    
Currant & Fig Soyessence JO7502    
Orange Peel Soyessence JO7504
Flower Shop Soyessence JO7506    
Peach Soyessence JO7508    
Strawberry Soyessence JO7509    
Cinnamon Buns Soyessence JO7511
German Choc Cookies JO7512    
Peach Soyessence JO7609    
Green Tea Soyessence JO7610
Blackberry Soyessence JO7611    
Almond Blossom Soyessence JO7484
Vanilla Extract Soyessence JO7485    
Forest Walk Soyessence JO7486    
Bird of Paradise Soyessence JO7487
Blood Orange Soyessence JO7488    
Lemon Peel Soyessence JO7489    
Berries & Roses Soyessence JO7490    
Green Apple Soyessence JO7491    
Winter Spa Soyessence JO7492
Coco Vanilla Soyessence JO7493    
The Lebermuth Company
14000 McKinley Highway
Mishawaka, IN 46545 USA
Name ID PB CB-135 CB-Advanced CB-XceL
Mama's Blueberry Cobbler 90-3002-82
Dutch Apple Pie 90-3002-85
Chestnuts & Brown Sugar 90-3002-87
Creme Brulee 90-3002-88
Butter Cream Icing 90-3002-89    
Carmel Macchioto 90-3002-90
Apple Fresh Green 90-3002-93
Blue Cotton Candy 91-1011-22
Egyptian Dragon 91-1011-30
Pralines & Cream 90-3002-86
Tahitian Vanilla 90-3002-91
American Beauty Rose 90-3002-92
Nag Champ 90-3003-01
Orchidia Fragrances
1525 Brook Dr.
Downer's Grove, IL 60515 USA
Name ID PB CB-135 CB-Advanced CB-XceL
Yummy Gumball ORCO700401
Paradise Fruits ORCO700364
Oriental Aromatics, Inc.
21 Spielman Rd.
Fairfield, NJ 07004 USA
Name ID PB CB-135 CB-Advanced CB-XceL
Biscotti 80376B
Cinnamon Buns 20405
Dulce de Leche 20802
Ginger Spice 20280A
Honeydew Melon 92424A
Peppermint 80382    
Pomegranate 92761
Trilogy Fragrance Inc.
1715 Oak St. STE #3
Lakewood, NJ 08701 USA
Name ID PB CB-135 CB-Advanced CB-XceL
Vanilla Pistachio Amaretto RA-135976
Amber Sunset RA-135978
Apple Jack & Peel RA-135969
Bazooka Bubble Gum RA-135979
Chistmas Tree RA-135970
Coco Mango RA-135982
Crisp Cotton RA-135981
English Gardens RA-135977
Fresh Cut Roses RA-135988
Ginger Snap Cookies RA-135975
Hot Cocoa RA-135971
Lavender Vanilla RA-135973    
Mint Julep RA-135972
Sweet Strawberry Fields RA-135987
Root Beer RA-135983    
Dreamsicle RA-135980    
Ungerer & Company
4 Bridgewater Lane
Lincoln Park, NJ 07035 USA
Name ID PB CB-135 CB-Advanced CB-XceL
Wild Honeysuckle AD78-00448
Island Tiare AD78-00449    
Dark Chocolate Solstice Truffle AD78-00450
Temple Incense AD78-00451
Fig & Amber AD78-00452
Pomegranate Cassis AD78-00457
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