Fragrance / Scent

Can fragrance affect the outcome of a candle?

Most scents work well with EcoSoya®. However some scents can have a dramatic effect on your final candle. They can cause frosting - a lumpy surface, poor adhesion, small diameter burn pools and even poor burn (combustion) quality including mushrooming or sooting. If you are experiencing problems with your candle make sure the scent is compatible with the EcoSoya® you are using. Learn more on isolating problems: CB wax and PB wax.

How much fragrance should I use?

For container, candles we recommend using about 5% and for molded candles about 3%, with a maximum of around 12% for both, although people have used more.

What can I do to improve the scent throw of my candle?

EcoSoya's® chemistry make up is very different from that of paraffin so please inform your supplier that you are using it. Many fragrance companies have experimented with EcoSoya® soy wax, enabling them to give recommendations. Most scents work with EcoSoya® waxes, but if you do come across a scent that doesn't have good hot and/or cold throw try another type of scent or choose one made by a different manufacturer. A proper burn pool is critical to achieve a good scent throw. For container candles, you will have the best hot scent throw if you burn a ¼ to ½ inch deep (side to side) pool in about 4 to 5 hours. You may need to adjust your wicking to achieve this.

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