What causes "mushrooming" and how do I reduce this?

"Mushrooming" is carbon build-up on the wax when a candle is burnt. The main factors contributing to "mushrooming" are the choice of wick (type and size), the fuel (wax) and what the fuel is made of. EcoSoya® soy waxes burn exceptionally clean. Adding scent and dye to the wax "contaminates" the combustion process of a candle. Scent and color are non-fuel sources that can collect in the wick creating the "mushroom" or carbon ball. Changing the wick, scent and dye combination will correct this problem. We recommend only using NON-cored wicks.

What type of wick should I use?

Non-cored wicks work best. Try wicks such as: HTP, RRD, CD, Eco, flat braid, square braid, hemp, etc. Wick size and type is completely dependant on candle size and type, shape, scent, color and the type of burn characteristics you desire. Learn more about wicking for CB-XceL, CB-Advanced Soy, CB-135 and PB soy wax.

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